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Murray Watt MP letter to Patrick Snowball (Suncorp CEO)

Mr Patrick Snowball

Dear Mr Snowball

I write to you regarding concerns about the protection of Queensland jobs.

I am concerned to hear that in the past four months, 203 jobs have been sent offshore, at a high cost to local jobs and the Queensland economy.
The trend towards sending Australian jobs offshore is worrying, especially at a time when Australia???s economy has outperformed other advanced economies.

Offshoring of jobs sends the wrong message to other companies looking to do business in Australia and penalises the hard work of local staff.

Suncorp has built a strong reputation in the financial industry that can be directly attributed to the hard work of its employees, many based here in Queensland and who are now being rewarded with an uncertain future or dramatically increased workloads.

Additionally, many loyal customers have stood by Suncorp because of its roots here in Queensland and by slashing jobs you risk losing the loyalty and confidence of customers.

I urge you to reconsider your plans for offshoring and make a firm commitment to keeping jobs here in Australia. I urge you to work with employees and their workplace representatives to focus on front line and other services here in Queensland.

Yours sincerely

Murray Watt
Member for Everton

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