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Re:  Australian Jobs

I am a constituent of your electorate who is concerned about jobs in the Australian finance sector being offshored.  I am currently working in the finance sector and have been a loyal employee of ANZ for (insert number) years.

ANZ and other Australian financial institutions make huge profits in Australia with the support of the Australian Federal Government bank guarantee initiative and the support of the Australian community.  Last year ANZ alone made $5.36 billion in profit.  However over the last 5 years ANZ has offshored almost 3000 jobs and have recently announced more offshoring to come.  As such I believe that ANZ and other Australian financial institutions have an obligation to invest in Australian jobs and skills by employing people from the Australian community from which they profit.

Your response in relation to the following points will influence my vote at the next election.  Specifically will you support:

  1. The development and promotion of an integrated industry plan that promotes and builds Australian skills and capacity in the finance sector.

  2. Requirements that any contracts to undertake work for Australian Government agencies should include a condition that the work cannot be sent offshore

  3. Legislation to ensure that customers have a right to know and consent that their confidential data is accessed and processed offshore.

I await your reply.

Yours sincerely,

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