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The fight for fair targets at CBA

The fight for fair targets at CBA is growing, with another major retail area joining the campaign at the same time as the bank has started slashing part time hours of work. FSU members at CBA branches in the Sydney CBD have just joined the dispute, delivering almost 100 more letters to bank management seeking suspension of targets until new targets are agreed. These letters bring the total number of dispute letters lodged to over 600.

Despite the growing number of calls to agree on fair targets, the bank is keeping the pressure on staff. In recent developments:

38 CBA branches across the country have had their operating hours reduced, and the workers at those branches told their hours of work will be reduced with NO REDUCTION IN TARGETS

New workplace planning tools rolling out now have prompted some branch managers to use the new tool as an opportunity to slash working hours for part time employees with NO REDUCTION IN TARGETS

Members completing the FSU Member Experience Questionnaire have reported the effects of persistent, unrelenting targets pressure, including genuine negative impacts on health and wellbeing

Is this happening to you? You are not alone.

Are you under pressure at work due to targets or cuts to hours? Are you a fulltime employee working at one of the 38 branches that will reduce operating hours, being told you MUST convert to part time? If you are a union member, the FSU can assist you. If you want to join the campaign for fair treatment at work, become a union member today.

What can you do?

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