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Journey Insurance Cover

We are delighted to let you know the fantastic news that from July 1, all current FSU members will be covered by Journey Insurance!

This really is an invaluable addition to your membership package and one we are excited to be able to offer you.

"Where would I be today if I wasn't covered under workers' compensation? I did nothing wrong but found myself out of a job and still needed help with my life"

Commonwealth Bank employee Faye Boyle's life changed forever when she was asked to come in to work on an RDO. A severe car crash on her way to work resulted in the loss of her right arm.

Faye's accident was covered by WorkCover.

Unfortunately, since then, the commonwealth and state jurisdictions have limited journey cover so that people like Faye are no longer protected by journey insurance.

Your union, FSU, has started a Member's Journey Cover Plan, so that members like Faye can have peace of mind and feel more secure.

The Journey Cover Plan covers a current member for an accident on their trip to and from an insured person's place of residence and business.

As a current member your coverage includes:

  • Accident Benefit up to 85% to a maximum of $1,500 per week
  • Waiting period / excess 14 days.
  • Benefit period of up to 104 weeks

If you have any questions about the Journey Cover Plan, call 1300 366 378 to talk with the FSU.

It's just another reason why it pays to be an FSU member.

Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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