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FSU member successfully reverses hours cutback
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An FSU member has successfully overturned a bank proposal to cut her hours of work that would have seen over $140 trimmed from her fortnightly pay.

When Sarah*, a single mother working part time in ANZ retail banking, was told that her branch was ceasing Saturday trading she was also told that she would lose the shifts that she worked on Saturdays.

Sarah’s initial discussions with ANZ about her preferences and her personal, financial and family circumstances were fruitless.

Sarah contacted her union and was advised by the FSU that her Enterprise Agreement provided protections against unilateral changes like this. These protections include the option of having the Fair Work Commission determine the matter by arbitration if necessary.

In last minute talks between the union and ANZ, the bank agreed to a sensible option put forward by the FSU and Sarah that replaces the lost weekend shifts with extra weekday shifts and now Sarah is actually working more and earning more while ANZ customers have more frontline service in her branch between Monday and Friday.

ANZ has a number of obligations when it comes to changing your hours/days and location of work. In many cases the bank needs to seek your agreement.

If you are a Group 5 or 6 staff member and ANZ initiates changes to your hours/days or location of work without your agreement, you may have rights to dispute the proposed changes. Have a look at the ANZ Enterprise Agreement 2015 -16  clauses 2.4 and 8.1.

If you have an experience like Sarah’s, or know someone else who has similar problems, give the FSU Member Rights Centre a call today on 1800 366 378.

*Not Sarah’s real name

Authorised By: Fiona Jordan, National Secretary

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