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FSU member wins fight for lost public holidays
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She was cheated out of her lieu days, battled both her manager and HR for eight months before she was compensated, but is today celebrating the victory and helping colleagues with similar issues.

Suzanne Pullen twigged to the fact she’d missed out on 6 public holidays that her employer should’ve either paid her for or given her time in lieu for, while reading her EA.

The Suncorp employee, who has been on a rotating roster since 2011, raised the matter with her team leader in March but says the email exchange and discussions didn’t get her anywhere.

“I was just going around in circles so I went to the union.”

The FSU was able to have the necessary discussions with Suncorp, which has since agreed to give Suzanne time off in lieu for those 6 days.

Suzanne’s win has prompted her colleagues to have a look at their own holiday entitlements and to seek advice from her.

A couple of them are also on rotating shifts, she says, and look as though they’ve also missed out on a number of days they should’ve been compensated for.

“It pays to read your EA,” says Suzanne. “It also pays to contact your union if you’re not getting anywhere.”

Well done Suzanne and FSU!


Authorised By: Fiona Jordan, National Secretary

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