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When Bankwest was privatised in 1995, the Bank of Western Australia Act 1995 was created to guarantee certain protections for the bank. When the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) purchased Bankwest, extra provisions were included in an amended bill to protect Bankwest workers and local jobs.

In 2017, these important provisions that protect jobs and branches will expire.

The FSU wrote to the CBA seeking their continued commitment to these guarantees for a further five years.

The Bank has not committed to these important guarantees and so we are calling on the Leaders of the major political parties to commit to maintain and preserve the guarantees of a strong Bankwest that are contained in the Bankwest Act.

Particularly we are calling on the commitment to protect the following:

  • Not reduce the Bankwest points of presence to below the number as stipulated at the point of threshold, as defined in the Act, namely 88.
  • That Bankwest points of presence in regional Western Australia, as defined by the Act, will not be closed and any relocation will be within 5 kilometres of the previous location.
  • That the development of the Australian Technology Park and adjoining precincts will not impact on the level of employment of West Australian staff in the support functions primarily based at Bankwest Place.
  • Finally that the Bankwest business continues its sponsorship and community development initiatives in Western Australia.

This is where we need your help.

For more information and resources click here to go to the Bankwest Campaign Page

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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary

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