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Leave for Partners

Many families like to have time off together when a new baby is born.  This allows for the workload to be shared and gives both parents an opportunity to bond with their new baby.
So what leave can partners take at this time?
At a minimum, the National Employment Standards allow a partner of someone who is on parental leave to take up to 8 weeks unpaid leave at the time of the child’s birth, (provided they are a permanent employee with over 12 months service or a casual with 12 months of regular and systematic work with the employer). This includes same sex partners.
In addition, the FSU works to negotiate paid leave for partners at the time of the birth.  As a result of this, many employers in the finance industry provide at least one week of paid parental leave for partners at the time of birth. Many people also take annual leave or long service leave to extend their paid time at home with their new baby.
Depending on where you work, you might also be eligible to access more paid parental leave from your employer, if you become the baby’s primary carer within the first 12 months.  
You may also be eligible for up to 2 weeks government-funded Dad and Partner Pay. Find out more here
Prenatal leave
In some companies like NAB, FSU has negotiated leave for partners to attent some prenatal appointments.
To find out more about rights for partners working in the finance industry, contact the FSU member rights centre on 1300 366 378.  If your partner is working in a different industry, they may also be entitled to the 8 weeks of unpaid leave, but should contact their relevant union for further information on any additional entitlements.
The above is general information only. For specific advice about your individual situation, contact FSU on 1300 366 378.
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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary

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