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Leave to attend prenatal appointments

There are many appointments to attend whilst you are pregnant – planned visits with your doctor or midwife, ultrasounds and routine tests and check ups along the way.
The way that time off for prenatal appointments is treated varies hugely depending on who you work for, with some employers making it difficult to get the time off you need, some treating it as time in lieu, & some deducting it from your sick leave or annual leave.  Many women use their sick leave to attend prenatal appointments; however, pregnant women are just as likely as anyone else to require this leave for their own illness or to care for a member of their family who is unwell.
FSU negotiates separate prenatal leave entitlements where possible. For example, the NAB agreement provides prenatal leave up to 38 hours per pregnancy (pro-rata for part timers).  At NAB, partners of pregnant women can attend 8 hours paid leave per pregnancy to attend medical appointments too. 
The above is general information only. For specific advice about your individual situation, contact FSU on 1300 366 378.
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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary

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