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ANZ: Personal Banker/Service Consultant Split Roles - Jobs Upgraded, Pay Rises & Questions Answered

After Receiving questions earlier this year from members in retail banking about new responsibilities in “split Service Consultant/Personal Banker roles” the FSU approached ANZ to have the new jobs regraded to reflect the added responsibilities.

After months of discussion with ANZ the  FSU met with management on 17 July 2013  to seek the Bank’s final response.  The meeting was productive with ANZ providing plenty of answers.

As a result approximately 130 jobs around Australia have been upgraded to 6.2 and staff in these roles have now been provided confirmation of the grade and new salary levels.

Here is what ANZ had to say:

Will Service Consultants be directed to take up the split role?
No-one will be directed to take a split role. While business needs may indicate some locations require additional sales hours the bank will in some instances look to over-compliment the location to accommodate the gap. ANZ will continue to advertise any vacant roles in the current way.

What is the Grading for the split role?
The role and has graded the position as 6.2. Staff who have been in the role will have the grading and salary backdated to 3 May 2013.

What about targets?
All targets will be on a pro-rata system based on the hours that have been spent in each component of the split role.  In addition Branch Managers will be able to manually adjust the targets to allow for any changes in the regular split of hours in each role that occur. Targets will be calculated is the normal way.

Does Tier 2 training mean I now need to do sales?
No. Tier 2 training will provide the tools to enable Service Consultants  to discuss general banking matters, with customers  e.g. How to use an ATM or internet banking.

Should you have any questions relating to your job grade please contact the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.

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