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ANZ announces massive job cuts

ANZ today announced that they will shed 1,000 jobs before the end of the financial year, with 492 staff being advised today that their jobs will go.

Today’s cuts affect staff across a number of areas in Australia and Institutional Divisions, including Commercial, Products, Strategy & Marketing, and Retail Distribution.

On behalf of members, FSU has expressed its outrage to ANZ that in a year when the bank made a profit of $5.3 billion it has chosen to sacrifice its staff to protect another record profit in 2012.

FSU calls on State and Federal politicians to immediately demand that ANZ and its rivals abandon these short term plans and protect jobs through uncertain times

The best protection for your job is with the collective strength of the union.

FSU is here to provide support and advice to members. The ANZ Collective Agreement 2010 provides an obligation for the bank to consult with staff and the union about major changes in the workplace. It also provides protections around redundancy, redeployment and staffing levels. Make sure you are an FSU member to ensure rights are protected.

What You Can Do

  • Join FSU if you are not already a member

  • If you are impacted and need support and advice, contact the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378

FSU will continue to communicate with members over coming days with details of further action you can take to protest the bank’s decision, and various ways you can get involved.

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Authorised By: Leon Carter, National Secretary
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