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Bankwest Managers Matter

Are you a Level 3 or above?

Do think that you should Matter at Bankwest?

Do you believe that you deserve to have a fair and reasonable way of raising common concerns and issues that you share with your colleagues?

Many of your colleagues agree with you.

FSU has been speaking with members and non-members alike who have similar concerns and over the years have had issues with their terms and conditions, especially if they have signed a Managerial Contract.

They believe it is time they had a voice to raise these concerns together.

In 2013 another potential problem will come to light.  The Bankwest/Trustwest Award which underpins your contracts may potentially become defunct at the end of 2013 and if it does it will be replaced by the Banking and Finance Industry Award (BFI Award).  The concern for Level 3 and above colleagues is that the BFI Award has inferior conditions to your current Award.

Bankwest colleagues we have been speaking to believe it is Time for a Change!  

They believe it is time that Level 3 and above colleagues were able to raise their common issues in an open and productive way with Bankwest and together be able to agree on a reasonable and fair set of safety net conditions to protect them into the future.

Our Bankwest National Enterprise Committee has endorsed an intensive contact program whereby our FSU Organisers are speaking to as many Level 3 and above colleagues as we can to find out their views and how they might support making this happen.

If you are interested in finding out more or talking to fellow Bankwest colleagues about these issues, you can:

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Authorised By: Dianne Marshall, Local Executive Secretary WA
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