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Bendigo Bank Victoria - Staffing & Workloads Survey

Staff across Victoria have been speaking to your union, the Finance Sector Union, about increased workloads and staffing concerns at Bendigo Bank. Conversations with staff  have identified the lack of relief to cover planned and unplanned absences, being asked to relieve in other locations and differing roles, the expectation they will simply cover roles not within their skill set or may need to cover multiple roles to cover absences.

So what does  the Bendigo Enterprise Agreement say on these matters:






The Bank agrees that workloads should be capable of being completed within ordinary working hours.


When determining staffing levels for a workplace, the Bank will take into account all relevant factors including employee experience, market demographics, business opportunities, appropriate training, staff absences, and obligations under this Agreement


The Bank will review workloads and staffing levels through Line Management on an ongoing basis and take into account the impact on staff and customers in any decision it makes in regards to workloads and staffing levels.

We are now asking staff working in Bendigo Bank (Retail) in Victoria to complete this short survey to identify where the staffing and workloads are problematic across the state.

Your information and responses will help and be kept private and confidential.

1. Do you believe your branch has adequate staffing levels to complete the required workload?

2. Do you regularly work additional hours above your normal hours of work (overtime – paid or not paid) – please select one:

3. Are you expected to take on additional duties outside your job description?

5. General Comments (any other information you believe is relevant relating to staffing)

5. General Comments (any other information you believe is relevant relating to staffing)
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Authorised By: Darren Martin, Local Executive Secretary Vic/Tas
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