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Bendigo/Adelaide Bank Agreement Voted Up
The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Enterprise Agreement 2015-2018 has been endorsed by 83% of employees.
The vote was held last week with 56% of staff voting.
The key provisions of the Agreement are as follows:
• three year agreement
• three across the board pay increases of 3%
• consensus that the first pay increase of the next Agreement will apply from December 2018
• personal leave increased from 10 days to 12 days per annum
• cash out of % of unused personal leave on departure frozen at current accruals
• employer superannuation to be paid during parental leave
• preventative health leave now allowable under personal leave entitlements
Despite a few disappointments, including changes to ordinary hours which the FSU opposed, the new Agreement represents an overall improvement in FSU members’ pay and conditions. 
We thank all members who assisted with the various aspects of the FSU bargaining campaign.
We expect the new Agreement to be approved by the Fair Work Commission in the near future.
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Authorised By: Fiona Jordan, National Secretary
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