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CBA: A New EBA for All

Are you one of the thousands of CBA staff who have seen the results of the recent FSU survey?

Pay, increased workloads, hours of work and targets are clearly the key issues CBA staff want to see improved regardless of whether they are on the full EBA, an individual arrangement or a Commsec contract.

The results of the survey, together with the thousands of workplace conversations the FSU has had throughout the year, have shaped the FSU proposal for a new EBA that covers the key needs of all staff.

The proposal forms the central part of the FSU position when negotiating a new enterprise agreement that covers all employees, including those on contracts. Providing feedback on the proposal is an important part of ensuring the Union enters negotiations with the best plan for FSU members in CBA.

How do I provide feedback on the FSU proposal?
FSU Workplace Reps or another FSU member from your workplace/team should attend a meeting with the FSU to hear details of the proposal. The meetings are approved by the bank, for one hour without loss of pay, and will be held during work time.

That person will then take the details back to FSU members in their workplace to get feedback and vote on the proposal.

Talk to your team mates to ensure your workplace/team is represented at the meetings.

Please attend the meeting most convenient to you and your workplace.

Keep an eye out in the coming week for full details of the upcoming meetings and how to register to attend.


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