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HBF – Enterprise Agreement Negotiations to Commence Soon

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It’s hard to believe time has moved so quickly and the HBF Enterprise Agreement 2014 (EA) nominal expiry date is 3rd October 2017 however the EA continues to operate until a new one is made. Many of you will remember the consultation process from those negotiations but for new employees the EA negotiation process may be completely unknown. The Finance Sector Union (FSU) is the Union that represents employees in the Insurance and Finance industry. FSU has years of experience in negotiating fair and reasonable conditions of employment for its members through bargaining.

An Enterprise Agreement (EA) contains the employment conditions and entitlements for employees and can be for a term of 1 to 4 years. You can access your current EA on the HBF intranet and we encourage HBF employees to review the document with the view of seeing what works and what could be improved. The union will survey members in the coming weeks to get feedback on the matters that are of importance to you. Watch out for the survey.

What can you do now?

Where employees group together, joining their union and collectively decide which issues are important to them; those matters can be presented to management on equal and balanced terms. We are seeking members who would like to be more involved with the union and this process. If you would like to be part of this exciting time please complete the details below and fax this bulletin back to FSU on 08 9220 3130 or send an email to wa@fsunion.org.au.

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Authorised By: Dianne Marshall, Local Executive Secretary WA
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