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Hundreds of Westpac tellers' jobs impacted by redundancy
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Westpac has announced a plan to cut teller jobs across 51 branches in the retail network - see full list of branches below.

The announcement comes at a time when the bank has stated that its vision is “to be one of the world’s great service companies”.  Meanwhile FSU continues to hear reports of understaffing in the Westpac branch network. How can Westpac achieve its goal of being a great service provider while cutting service jobs in an environment already characterised by reports of understaffing?

The job cuts come in the wake of Westpac announcing a net full year profit of $8 billion for the year ended 30 September 2015.

Are you impacted?

Over the next 15 calendar days Westpac will undertake consultation with staff impacted by the proposal to cut teller hours and jobs at the 51 branches. Westpac need to consider the impact these changes will have on you and give consideration to matters raised during the consultation period.

Under the consultation provisions of the new Westpac Enterprise Agreement, impacted staff - including non-telling staff - get the chance to raise any concerns about job security, workloads, hours of work, skills and opportunities and any measures that can be taken to avert or mitigate any adverse effect of the proposed change.

Make sure you speak up about any concerns - Westpac is obliged to consider your ideas and provide responses before a final decision is made.

Given the recent reports of understaffing at branches, it should be a relatively simple exercise for Westpac to guarantee that there will be no compulsory retrenchments coming from this announcement and everyone who wants to keep working at Westpac can keep working at Westpac.

Are you affected by today’s announcement?

Contact the Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 for advice about your rights.

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