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It's Time. NAB Retail Reps meet Bob Melrose today.

NAB Fails To Deliver For Both Staff and Customers

Chronic staff shortages with no relief or unsuitable relief, trainees used as skilled staff and scorecards that can’t be achieved in ordinary hours. The amount of unpaid hours staff are required to do to keep their job in NAB is unprecedented.

Every day we hear stories of staff being performance managed for not selling enough products, even though they spend countless hours backfilling other roles due to staff shortages.

This is daily life for the lowest paid workers in NAB, a company that made in excess of $5 billion in profit last year and is on track to do better this year.

FSU Reps To Meet with Bob Melrose Today

FSU Reps from Retail and Consumer will be meeting with Bob Melrose today to share the challenges you face each day trying to do the right thing by your customers. They will be looking for solutions to the chronic problems or will be escalating these issues to the Fair Work Commission.

Hundreds More Sign On To Be Collectively Represented

What FSU members have been saying all along has been vindicated with over 150 additional members signing on to be collectively represented. That’s only since we publically announced that members from 11 Local Area Markets are demanding solutions to the ongoing and chronic problems around scorecards, relief and underpayments.

How Do I Join In?

If you’re experiencing the same problems at work you can register to be collectively represented by selecting the link and adding your full name, mobile and workplace.

I want to be represented collectively to resolve workload relief and underpayments in my workplace.

Here’s What Members Are Saying

“It is almost a daily occurrence where we are working overtime to finish the work load, especially with this new system of scanning vouchers. We are not paid overtime.”

“Staff shortages and no relief are very regular, in the last 4 months we would be lucky to have had 4 weeks of full staff. No overtime for all workers working extra time as less staff. Same amount of work needs to get done. Appraisal will probably be not met, as you would expect from having no staff.”

“I was asked to work 3 hours one day and all day Wednesday without pay.”

“Two staff short most days for over a month with little to no relief.”

“I am tired of being told I can’t have an RDO as there is no relief, and having to work down because NAB doesn’t provide relief.”

Stronger Together

As a union member we ask that you share this update with your workmates. If you receive this update, it’s been shared by a member of our union community, and they’re asking you if you would like to work with us to make your workplace a fair workplace. You can join online at http://www.fsunion.org.au/Join-the-FSU/default.aspx.

Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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