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Last chance to complete the “bad apples” survey

Your employer is considering signing up to a deal with other financial institutions that could block your chances of ever working in the finance industry.

The deal in conjunction with the Australian Bankers Association would see the introduction of a secret register, better known as a “bad apple register” where secret reports could be provided to prospective employers, reports that would stay with you for years, without any right to appeal.

This register could contain material that could stop your career in the finance industry in its tracks as it would be used as a background check during the hiring process, and shared amongst all the banks. The bad apples register could include any allegations against you of breaches of the Code of Conduct or employer policies, information about whether you resigned or were dismissed, and if you were subject to any form of investigation whilst in your current job. You would have no control over the information kept on this register.

Whilst this is not a complete list these breaches could include:

  • Breaching the Social Media Policy
  • Failing to adhere to a strict script in a contact centre
  • Not demonstrating the correct behaviours at work
  • Not protecting your employer’s reputation


Each employer has a Code of Conduct and hundreds of policies, non-compliance with any of these could see you being branded as a “bad apple”.

Does that sound fair to you?


Note: survey closes 23 February 2017.

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