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ME Implements Changes to Incentive Scheme and Scorecards
ME has announced that communication will start this week on changes to your Incentive Scheme and Scorecard.
This is the latest step in ME's implementation of Stephen Sedgwick’s Retail Banking Remuneration Review Report, and the Assessment of Progress Report, which have been rolled out across the banking sector.  FSU members across the banking sector have welcomed the Sedgwick Reports as important steps in restoring community trust and confidence in our sector.  However, it is important that these changes balance the implementation of the Sedgwick Reports with treating you fairly.
FSU members have been in touch following the recent ME announcement about changes to the frequency of incentive payments. The feedback received so far is that you want to understand the full changes coming to your Incentive Scheme and Scorecard before providing detailed feedback.
As ME is now reaching the stage of releasing further detail of their Sedgwick Report implementation, it is important that you understand the changes that are coming, and how they will impact you.
Finding out what the changes mean
ME has said that your managers will be having conversations with you starting this week to go through the Incentive Scheme Scorecard and your personal earning potential.  We encourage you to attend these meetings and ask any questions you have, to ensure you have a good understanding of the coming changes.
We will be in touch with you following these meetings to talk though these changes and what they mean for you. 
If you would like to have a chat in the meantime, or talk about any other issues, send an email to fsuinfo@fsunion.org.au with the subject line “ME Mobile Banking Managers” and we will be in touch.
Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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