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NAB: Fair Scorecards for Servicing

Last week your FSU Reps again met with the management team to provide your feedback on the revised scorecards proposal.

A Balanced Scorecard
Central to the discussions was the balance scorecard approach. NAB stressed that productivity measures form only one part of the scorecard and all scorecard measures are equally weighted. Ensure all work you do in addition to your core tasks is highlighted in monthly performance discussions with your People Leader so your contribution is appropriately recognised.

Revised Performance Objectives
The revised measures of >= 10% of team average for “partially achieved”, and within 5% of team average or above for “achieved” were well received as were the reworded & simplified activity descriptions under the Our Customers, Our Effort and Our People banners.

We also confirmed that productivity will be pegged to your local team average. Some additional consideration will also be given to how multi-skilling and multitasking will be measured in the context of your performance and team averages.

The Need for Cultural Change
We also highlighted your concerns about the culture within Servicing. Unrealistic productivity measures have led to unhealthy practices, like working through breaks and beyond your ordinary hours to meet scorecard objectives and the need to change this culture.

Limiting Increases to Productivity Objectives
Your concerns about continually increasing measures were raised and NAB clarified that future productivity increases should be related to process improvements and not to situations where the team performs at a higher and unsustainable period of productivity to manage a peak period of workload.

Making the System Fairer
Through the consultative process, FSU Reps identified an inconsistent understanding of how productivity works, and an inconsistent application of productivity management and reporting.

To make the system fairer and more transparent we have sought from NAB some clear guidance material including core task times, a Q and A document to clarify the application of things like set up time, pack up time, paid breaks, meal breaks and system outages. FSU are preparing questions that will be included in the Q and A and welcome your ideas. If you have ideas about the things that need clarification talk to your local FSU Rep or email nabmembers@fsunion.org.au.

Retrospective Implementation
The new scorecard objectives will apply retrospectively from the beginning of the FY17 performance year. If you have been adversely impacted and need assistance, contact your local FSU Rep or the Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.
Next Steps
We expect to have a draft of the new materials over the next fortnight and once agreed implementation will occur.

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