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NAB Investigates Dodgy Accounts

For years FSU members have been warning about the dangers of management’s obsession with sales targets and the pressure on frontline bankers to meet quotas  at almost any cost. On that basis we welcome a review but will not accept a witch hunt that assumes the problems are a few "bad apples”. 

ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft (SMH 21/03/2016) says the root causes are poor management culture and poorly designed remuneration systems. Medcraft says poor culture leads to poor behaviour. These factors need to be addressed as part of NAB’s current investigation.

NAB must not use this investigation as an opportunity to shift blame away from poor top-down culture and towards frontline workers.

NAB has a comprehensive whistle-blower protection policy and the FSU encourages members to use the established channels to report suspected dodgy practices.

Trust and confidence from customer’s starts with trust and confidence from staff. If you’ve got any doubts about whether you will be safe in blowing the whistle on suspected dodgy practices, talk the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 for advice and support.

No Such Thing as an Informal Chat
It is vital to remember that there is no such thing as an “informal chat or meeting” with your boss or a bank appointed investigator. Everything you discuss is potentially on the record, please review our FACTSHEET to know what to do if you are called in for one of these meetings.

Only Members Get Representation
As an FSU member you get representation when you need it. If you’re called into a meeting you can get immediate advice and support by calling the Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.

Caring Is Sharing
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