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NAB: Taking the Lift to Work Shouldn’t be a Gamble

Your Safety is NAB’s Responsibility

Late last year we delivered a Christmas card to NAB with a simple message: all we want for Christmas are lifts that work at Vic Parade.

Earlier this week we met with NAB, presented more feedback and sought a progress report. Despite our best endeavours NAB has been unwilling to provide, in writing, a statement that confirms the lift is safe to use.

Another Week, Another Serious Incident

Only hours after we met with NAB there was another serious incident that resulted in the lift falling to the basement, causing injury and trauma to our workmates.

We Will Not Compromise On Safety

Lift 2 is now permanently out of use and we have requested that lift 3 remains offline until NAB can provide, in writing, a statement that says the lift is safe to use.

Reporting Incidents is Critical

NAB has advised that while there were 12 lift incidents in 2017, the number of incidents has dropped to 7 in 2018.  We think that’s 7 too many – but your feedback indicates there are countless incidents that are not reported.

Let's Get this Sorted

Here’s how we can sort this out fast.

  1. Stand together by joining FSU today
  2. Report incidents to your the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 
  3. Make sure you submit an incident report to NAB every time!
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