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New CBA Enterprise Agreement: Member survey results are in!
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A union survey of staff across the CBA Group shows that staff consider pay, staffing and workloads, hours of work and targets the most important issues to be addressed in a new CBA Enterprise Agreement.

Next Steps

The results will be factored into the FSU proposal for a new CBA Group Enterprise Agreement. A series of meetings will be held soon to hear the full details of the FSU proposal.

Make sure your team is represented by nominating your FSU Workplace rep or another member to be a Consultation Co-ordinator for your workplace here.

If FSU members across the CBA Group support it, we will then ask CBA to formally commence negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement based on our proposal.

All FSU members will be asked to vote on the proposal soon. If you are not yet a member but would like to be consulted about and vote on the FSU proposal for the new Enterprise Agreement, join now.

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