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ANZ is one of Australia’s most profitable banks. Last year it made a record $5.36 billion profit.

The bank has announced it will cut 1000 jobs, with some of these jobs going offshore to be filled by overseas workers. ANZ’s Australian CEO Phil Chronican has not ruled out further job cuts in the future.

ANZ can afford to keep every single job.

These aren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet, these are people. People with career aspirations and families to support; people who have given their all to help make ANZ profitable, some of them for many years.

Have your say about ANZ’s proposed job cuts and offshoring. If you work for ANZ, tell us how you feel about your job and/or your colleagues jobs being under threat, and what it would mean for you to be out of work. If you don’t work for ANZ, post your messages of support and solidarity here.

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It is such an unhappy place working at ANZ now. I have been here over 12 years and have never ever experienced this level of discontentment. The constant push push push to sell sell sell regardless of what is best for the customer is a culture that I have never had to survive in until now. Our motto has always been "customer first" but this is so far from the truth now. I personally have voiced my opinion several times on different forum about different subjects only to find these forum are monitored and been asked to explain my comments to the district manager. Micro managing!!!!

I have the perfect solution. SACK JUST ONE PERSON - THE CEO. That in its self would save in excess of 9 million. He is just not worth it.

Posted by 1030308 at 16/02/2012 4:39:06 PM

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