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RAC Enterprise Agreement 2019 – FWC Delays Certification of Agreement
Members involved in the 2016 Enterprise Agreement (EA) will remember that the Fair Work Commission (FWC) delayed certification at that time – the FWC identified a number of issues, including payment of overtime for part-time employees, that required clarification.
The changes required were finalised in an Undertaking which was agreed to by the FSU. They were attached to the 2016 EA and were legally binding.
What’s the Delay Now?
It is hard to believe, but we are at the same point again. The FWC has again identified several points that require clarification, including overtime payments for part-time employees. After working closely with the FSU legal team, RAC now has an Undertaking that has been forwarded to the FWC for consideration.
Once the Undertaking has been approved the FWC should certify the agreement.
Part-Time Employees
If you would like to know more about how the Undertakings might apply to you, contact the union on wa@fsunion.org.au.
Authorised By: Dianne Marshall, Local Executive Secretary WA
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