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Royal Commission Interim Report – Add Your Voice to Change Our Industry

Today the Royal Commission delivered its Interim Report.

Over the coming weeks the FSU will prepare our submission in response. Essentially this submission will describe what needs to change, to make finance a better place to work.

The Voice of Finance Workers is Critical

As you know, we recently launched our Big Finance Survey. Feedback from the survey will form the basis of our interim submission to the Royal Commission. Your input to this is vital — we’re the only ones providing the perspective of workers to the Royal Commission.

Your responses to the survey will help build industry solutions that address the real issues for workers. Take the survey here:



Ways you can get involved

Here’s some ways we can get the survey out there, and build the insights that will bring change to our industry.

  Forward this email to your team or workgroup and encourage them to complete our survey today
  Share our survey on Facebook, tag your workmates and ask them to complete the survey today. You can find the survey post at www.facebook.com/FinanceSectorUnion/posts/10156421035971469
  Book some time with 5 of your workmates to help them complete our survey. The survey is at www.bit.ly/Big-Finance-Survey

Any questions, drop me a line or contact the MRC on 1300 366 378 or email fsuinfo@fsunion.org.au.

In Unity,
Julia Angrisano


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