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Select Encompass Credit Union Ltd
Your 2.5% Pay Rise for 2017 Delivered!
An overwhelming majority of FSU members and Select Encompass Credit Union workers have voted in favour of the proposed new union negotiated enterprise agreement.
Select Encompass Credit Union this week informed FSU that its workers have now received their first pay rise of 2.5% for 2017 that was subject to the proposed agreement being voted up by the employees.
Under the proposed new agreement employees will receive a further pay increases of 2.6% in 2018 and 2.7% in 2019.
Following the merger of Select Credit Union and Encompass Credit Unions, this is first time all employees will be covered by a single enterprise agreement.
Domestic and Family Violence Leave
The FSU congratulates Select Encompass Credit Union Ltd and its leadership for its continued interest in ensuring workers have the appropriate support when dealing with domestic and family violence.
Select Encompass Credit Union have shown leadership in this area and have actually continued to strengthen their Domestic and Family Violence Leave provisions in the proposed new enterprise agreement.
The proposed new agreement has been lodged with the Fair Work Commission for approval.
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Authorised By: Rebecca Reilly, NSW/ACT Acting Local Executive Secretary
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