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Shareholders Reject WBC Remuneration Report - ANZ and NAB Are Next

Greed Defines Executive Behaviours

The Royal Commission confirmed what we have been saying for years – that bank executives act with greed and contempt towards their customers and communities. Despite high paid executives treating customers and workers with disdain, they are still collecting massive bonuses.

Their focus on short term profit, making sure they collect fat bonuses that in no way reflect their poor performance, has finally backfired.

Last week shareholders stood together to vote against obscene executive remuneration at Westpac's AGM.

Vote No to Obscene Executive Bonuses at NAB and ANZ

Shareholders have rejected the Westpac Remuneration Report and look set to do the same at NAB and ANZ this week. A more balanced share of profits should go to workers, as their fair share of the productivity gains. We can make this happen – vote NO to start the change!

FSU is asking all shareholders to put people ahead of profit and vote NO to the ANZ and NAB Remuneration Reports.

They're only interested in profits... so let's talk to them in a language they understand!

Remuneration Reports:

Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary
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