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Suncorp - Your Redundancy Rights

Suncorp has announced a round of redundancies and during this period of uncertainty it is important to know your rights.   If your position has been made redundant you have some entitlements and options under the Redundancy, provisions in the Suncorp Working Together Agreement 2007.

If your position is redundant then you must be notified in writing. At this point you should also be provided with other information including a careers summary form where you can nominate your preferences for alternative employment. If your preference is to commence flexible work arrangements eg job share, or part-time work or even retrenchment then we recommend that you state this on the form. 

Suncorp may offer you ‘Suitable Alternative Employment’. The Suncorp Agreement states ‘Suitable alternative employment’ means a role with:

  • substantially similar accountabilities and responsibilities;
  • at least the equivalent remuneration
  • located in reasonable proximity to your usual residence or present workplace.

The Agreement is legally binding so will override any policies that are in place in relation to alternative employment. If you have any questions about a position contact the FSU for advice.   

As a last resort, if you are retrenched you are entitled to receive 6 weeks notice or payment in lieu of notice; and severance payment calculated on your fixed pay, based on the formula in the following table up to a maximum total payment of 76 weeks fixed pay (including the period of notice or payment in lieu)

If you need more information about where redundancies may be occuring, please speak with your manager or team leader.

Length of Service: Severance Payment:
Less than one year Pro rata payment for each completed month of service (based on 7 weeks for a full year)
One year exactly  7 weeks
More than one year 
  • 7 weeks; and
  • 3 weeks for each subsequent completed year of service; and
  • a pro rata payment for each completed month in the final year of service

Remember if you have any questions at all about RRR, e.g.:

  • Want to know what your entitlements will be if you are retrenched;
  • Concerns about whether a position is ‘Suitable Alternative Employment;
  • If you have concerns about increased workloads or changed responsibilities.

Contact the FSU Member Rights Centre 1300 366 378.


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Authorised By: Leon Carter, National Secretary
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