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The results are in: It’s NO to ANZ’s proposal
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Staff have voted to protect their jobs and their conditions.

The results of the ballot on the proposed ANZ EBA are in and thousands of staff have said NO to a broken pay model, clawbacks on job security, hours of work and penalty rates. Congratulations to everyone who participated and had their say!

There have been over 900 staff step up in workplaces all over Australia and share information with colleagues. The final ballot result was 5028 Yes and 9127 No (that’s almost 2 to 1). As a result of the ballot the current agreement will remain in force and eligible Groups 5 & 6 staff will receive backdated pay increases or one off payments of between 1.25% and 4.5%.

There is still much work to do now that staff have clearly rejected the bank’s proposal. ANZ said before the ballot “there will be no further negotiations on this proposal”.

In conversations between thousands of ANZ staff in recent weeks it has been made abundantly clear that we do want a new agreement but that agreement can’t be based on clawbacks and inequity.

It needs to be based on sharing the success of ANZ through a new pay system that removes the artificial caps on salaries, provides transparency and fairness to market rated staff and has minimum rates that are comparable to those in other banks. The new EBA should also protect jobs not threaten them and should provide for the Fair Work Commission to settle workplace disputes and problems.

The FSU will now invite ANZ to come back to the bargaining table to negotiate a new EBA in these terms that can be recommended to staff in a new ballot. Achieving this will require staff to continue to support each other as has happened with this ballot. We need to stick together to win. For those who would like to get more involved with the FSU click here and we will get in contact with you.

If you know someone who isn’t an FSU member yet, invite them to join today

This ballot is a clear indication of what we can do when we combine our strength and work together. Imagine how much stronger we will be if more ANZ employees join FSU.

Fiona Jordan, 

FSU National Secretary


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