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Unachievable Scorecards, No Relief and Unpaid Hours

Enough Is Enough – Sign on to support a fair resolution in Retail

FSU members are frustrated by the lack of commitment shown by NAB management to support front line branch staff to do to a good job and to provide a great service to their customers. Members across 11 Local Area Markets have signed on to a collective dispute in the hope that someone at NAB will finally listen.

If You’re Affected It’s Time To Get on Board

If you’re facing the same problems – unrealistic scorecards that can’t be achieved, no relief when you need it, working back after your finish time – it’s time to GET ON BOARD. By working together we can make your workplace a fair workplace. Just click the link below and make sure your name, branch email and mobile are in the email

Who's on board so far?

  • Gold Coast QLD
  • Sunshine Coast QLD
  • Brisbane North QLD
  • Brisbane South QLD
  • Western Sydney NSW
  • Central Coast NSW
  • Bayside VIC
  • Peninsula VIC
  • Mid South Eastern VIC
  • Central WA
  • Northern SA

How Do I Join In?

Email nabmembers@fsunion.org.au and included I want to be represented collectively to resolve workplace issues in Retail. Please make sure you include your name, branch and mobile in the body of the email.

The People That Make Decisions Just Aren’t Listening

Some time ago NAB disbanded the central relief model, and since then things have just deteriorated. Unrealistic scorecard objectives see many employees working back just to keep their job. There is no relief for absences, and vacant roles aren’t being filled. FSU members report that branch staff are at breaking point.

NAB Not Respecting Their Lowest Paid Workers

The lowest paid workers in NAB earn between $46,500 and $61,000 – if they’re lucky enough to have a full time job. They regularly work back to meet sales and referral targets and to finish their work. There’s something really wrong when you visit workplace after workplace and you hear the same story, over and over.

Branch Managers Can Approve Overtime

Despite having a provision in the agreement that allows local mangers to approve up to one hour of overtime per worker per day, employees are regularly told not to bother lodging overtime claims because it just won’t be paid.

In some locations staff are offered Time Off In Lieu – but that means they lose the penalty that comes with overtime pay, and it just makes things harder for others later, when staff are away.

Building Our Union Community

As a union member we ask that you share this update with your workmates.

If you receive this update, it’s been shared by a member of our union community, and they’re asking you if you would like to work with us to make your workplace a fair workplace. You can join online here.

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Authorised By: Darren Martin, Local Executive Secretary Vic/Tas

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