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Union members WIN BIG for CBA workers as the bank agrees to reimburse part-time staff for unpaid superannuation



Yesterday CBA wrote to the FSU acknowledging that additional hours worked by part-time employees should also attract superannuation payments after the FSU raised concerns with CBA. At the same time CBA agreed to add annual leave, long service leave and sick leave accruals for these additional hours.

This is a big win for FSU members who have worked together to ensure that CBA paid their employees their full entitlements.
Six FSU members working at CBA assisted in making the case for reimbursement of superannuation by putting their names and pay-slips forward as examples of underpayment to prove that CBA’s previous refusal to pay the super was wrong.
Fairy Rhoden, one of the six FSU members said, “It just wasn’t fair. I had raised this issue myself with my manager and was told that this was just the way it is. By getting the FSU involved and being part of the campaign has meant that this unfair practice has now been put right”
CBA will review all part time employees employment for the last 8 years and they expect this work to be completed by July 2017.
We welcome CBA’s agreement to pay the additional super and add the extra leave accruals after getting it wrong for the past 8 years. The FSU will continue to work with members to make sure CBA gets it right this time - including interest on up to 8 years of unpaid super.
If you know someone who isn’t yet a member and they should be, ask them to join the FSU HERE as we continue to build a better way in CBA
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