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WBC: Negotiations to commence – we’ve got you covered!


Westpac have agreed to commence negotiations with FSU for a new Enterprise Agreement for Westpac, BT, St George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne employees.

Over the last month the FSU has been busy consulting with staff across the Westpac group to determine the key issues and priorities to be included in a new enterprise agreement. Last week we published the first results from that work with clear priorities emerging around secure pay, job security, and a framework that provides choice and control in your daily working life.

These results are now being pulled together in the form of a “Claim” for a new Enterprise Agreement that we can discuss with the bank.

Next Steps
There are a few procedural things that need to happen over the coming days and weeks. The first is to seek member feedback on the proposed Claim. All FSU members will be asked to vote on the Claim over the coming weeks. Keep a look out for details of upcoming meetings near you and make sure you send along someone from your team.

As part of the legal requirements for these negotiations to take place under the Fair Work Act, Westpac are required to issue a Notice of Representational Rights to employees who will be covered by a proposed new enterprise agreement. You do not need to respond to this notice as the FSU is the default representative of all members in negotiations.

If you are working with someone who isn’t an FSU member yet, talk to them about joining our campaign to secure the future pay and conditions of all Westpac, St George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne staff. All they have to do is join us join online.

Negotiations with Westpac are likely to commence in the second half of June 2015. The current Enterprise Agreement will remain in force until it is replaced or set aside by the Fair Work Commission.


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