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Westpac Continues Overhaul of Incentives
Westpac announced last week that from 1 April incentives for all tellers/customer service officer’s, across all brands, will be based on NPS.
This latest announcement comes after the recent pilot conducted for 2000 Westpac tellers.  Congratulations to the hundreds of Westpac tellers who provided feedback during the pilot, your feedback on the factors that impacted NPS measures and what changes needed to be made was crucial to securing changes to the system.
The NPS measure from 1 April 2017 will consist of 50% Brand NPS and 50% branch NPS.  The incentive payments for St George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne CSO’s will be subject to transition arrangements for 6 months so individuals are not disadvantaged as the new approach to incentives is rolled out.
More to do – Fair NPS appeal process
FSU members have consistently raised concerns with an NPS system that does not have a clear appeals process that allows for factors outside staff members control to be appealed, such as staffing, parking or even the interest rate.
The FSU welcomes Westpac’s recent commitment to review of the NPS process, including the criteria.
  • What do you think needs to be included in an NPS appeal process?
  • Does the NPS measure of 9 or 10 for a good result need to change?
  • What should happen to your NPS when your branch is short staffed?
Tell us what you think needs to be looked at as part of the review by emailing us at wbccampaigns@fsunion.org.au
It is through our continued efforts across the Westpac Group that is seeing Westpac lead the industry on this issue, but we still have more to do.  Be part of the change. If you know a colleague who is not part of the union ask them to join online today and share their feedback on what needs to change.
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