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Westpac’s Plan to Axe Another 126 Jobs

FSU Media Release: Westpac to offshore more technology jobs

Westpac plans to offshore more Australian jobs. The latest announcement will impact 119 technology roles and 7 jobs in collections and it is on top of the cuts announced in November (188 jobs) and February (560 jobs).

FSU members are continuing to put pressure on Westpac, calling on the bank to respect the rights of employees impacted by job slashing announcements. In February 184 more staff joined the Union and another 66 stepped up to become workplace FSU reps in support of the campaign. This has seen Westpac staff across the country protesting the bank’s job slashing and offshoring.

There has been significant media interest in the plight of Westpac employees, complaints have been lodged with State and Federal Governments and politicians have begun meeting with FSU members to hear first hand the impact of job slashing and offshoring.

In the coming days FSU will be holding paid time workplace meetings with affected employees to discuss the impact of the latest proposals and develop responses including alternatives to put to the bank. Keep an eye on meeting notices for details.

The FSU Position

The FSU calls on Westpac to provide assurances that:

  • no Westpac employee should be forced to be redundant
  • no-one should be forced to train the offshore provider that is replacing local jobs

  • jobs should not be offshored when the skills and the employees are already here doing the work well

  • State and Federal politicians should immediately demand that Westpac abandon these short term plans and protect jobs to ensure the future of our industry

What You Can Do

Westpac’s Thin Spin Exposed

Westpac has taken to using media type spin to cover up what is actually going on with offshoring and cutbacks

Here’s some examples:

If you can help us with more examples of Westpac’s thin spin email them to: thinspin@fsunion.org.au

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