Issue No.2 of 2009
Thursday 5 February

Change begins at home

I, like many other Australians, have been watching the progress of new U.S. President Obama, paying particular attention to his plans to stimulate the U.S. economy, free up credit, and limit executive remuneration in the finance sector.

The Australian Government’s moves last year, to guarantee deposits and wholesale funding in Australian deposit taking institutions, underpinned the stability of our sector. According to new research released this week, the Australian financial services sector is holding up well in comparison to global counterparts.

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Westpac Local Market Model: Time for feedback 

The FSU has been briefed about the new Local Market Model design and the proposed new roles   for retail. Now we want to hear your feedback. Westpac has put in place an extremely tight timeframe for consultation and is seeking employees’ feedback only until 11th February.

The FSU intends to raise any issues from members with the Bank prior to this deadline. We will also continue to consult with our members throughout the roll-out in order to get concerns addressed by the Bank. 

If you have questions or concerns about any of the following we want to hear from you NOW:

  • Recruitment/selection process
  • Career opportunites
  • Job security
  • Pay
  • Targets and workloads
  • Timelines 

Please fill in the faxback (click here to download) or send you questions or concerns to by Tuesday 10 February. Alternatively call the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.

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New relief staffing model under consideration following FSU audit of NAB branches 

The FSU spoke to over 1,000 members and visited over 350 NAB branches last year to conduct an audit on staffing, relief and overtime. Organisers will be visiting NAB branches over coming weeks to distribute the results of the audit.

The results were provided to the bank prior to Christmas, and discussions are occurring to address staffing issues.

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Beating the heat part 1 

The FSU Member Rights Centre was inundated with calls last week from distressed members requesting advice on how to handle working in extreme heat, as a result of air-conditioning and power failures.

FSU Reps in one Melbourne based superannuation call centre were spurred into action when the building’s air conditioning system failed.  They sought an immediate meeting with Human Resources management, and negotiated an early finish to the day (5pm instead of 8pm), and provision of a half hour paid break every hour. When the air conditioning was restored to 50% capacity, the paid breaks were reduced to twenty minutes every hour.

With temperatures set to soar again, here are some tips on how to avoid the worst effects;

  • Keep yourself hydrated with water. An ongoing supply of cool, clean, palatable drinking water must be accessible in the workplace. Avoid drinks with high sugar, salt or caffeine content;
  • Take rest breaks more often. State OHS authorities provide guidelines on the duration of paid rest breaks within each hour of working in seasonal heat;
  • Long periods of standing should be avoided in hot conditions;
  • If you feel unwell, seek medical attention;
  • Check the “working in heat” policy at your workplace and talk to your local management if you feel the policy is not being adhered to;
  • If you’re not sure of your rights, speak to your FSU Rep, your OHS Rep, or call the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.

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Members unite for fair pay at Fiserv 

Fiserv employees have sent management a strong message that pay needs to be fair.

Recently employees across the country came out in force to support the FSU campaign for fair pay. Employees met to discuss their concerns about the company’s plan to introduce performance pay. As a visible display to get their point across they also wore stickers with the message “Make Fair Pay the Fiserv Way”.

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Beating the heat part 2 

Heading to your local (air conditioned) cinema is another way to beat the heat – and be entertained at the same time! FSU members have access to discounted movie tickets, valid at cinemas right across the country.  At $9.50 for adult tickets, and $7.50 for kids, your union membership provides you with great value for money. To book your tickets, call 1300 366 378 or
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