Issue No.8 of 2009
Thursday 2 April

Message from the National Secretary – Spread the word

The union receives a lot of feedback from reps and members along the lines of “if only the people I work with, who aren’t members, knew about all of the things the union is doing.” You can help make sure that happens by forwarding your copy of FSU Online to colleagues.

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Bankwest union reps move swiftly in the face of job cuts 

FSU Bankwest reps in Western Australia moved swiftly to develop a list of demands in the face of imminent job cuts. 250 jobs are set to be cut in Western Australia with 150 jobs in Eastern Australia facing the axe. When CBA took over Bankwest last year the heads of both banks promised no jobs would be lost in WA. 

Member support is now vital. The union reps demands include no forced redundancies, full disclosure of future plans, maintenance of Bankwest Agreement conditions for any Bankwest staff redeployed to CBA, and an adjustment of workloads to reflect the reduction in staff.

The FSU will continue to put pressure on the banks, and the government, to protect Australian finance jobs. The union reps are calling on all Bankwest members to signal their support for the list of demands. Download your endorsement sheet here and return it by cob Monday 6th April.

Keep an eye on the campaigns section of the FSU website for further information (click below).

 Job losses at Bankwest

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Union negotiates target back-down at NAB branch 

Staff working in a Victorian NAB branch located in an area recently devastated by bushfires were surprised to discover that their referral targets had suddenly doubled, without consultation.

The members contacted the union for advice and assistance. FSU was able to rely on the NAB Enterprise Agreement provision that states that increases to targets must be agreed and the bank relented and advised referral targets would not be increased at this time.

If you want advice or assistance on your rights at work, contact the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378.

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Senate Inquiry into aspects of bank mergers 

FSU officials and members appeared before the Senate Inquiry into aspects of bank mergers at Parliament House in Canberra on Friday 13th March. On what did turn out to be a black Friday for ANZ workers, FSU members who had been impacted by bank mergers and lost their jobs due to offshoring had just finished giving evidence to the committee, when news of ANZ’s latest round of offshoring broke. The irony was not lost on anyone there, particularly members of the Canberra Press Gallery.

The Committee seemed to appreciate hearing from FSU members directly, and asked plenty of questions. FSU has been asked to provide more information to the Committee and there may be a further opportunity to present evidence to a Committee hearing in coming months, as the Inquiry is not set to wrap up until September.

A transcript of proceedings is available online.
 Click here to view a pdf

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FSU in the news 

The FSU is your voice in the workplace, at the bargaining table, in Canberra, and in the national media. ANZ’s decision to send 100 call centre jobs offshore to New Zealand, and Bankwest’s announcement that 400 jobs would be slashed have dominated our media activities this fortnight. Here’s a small selection of your union in the news:

 Westpac bank staff job doubts –Ballarat Courier, 25th March 2009

 Another 100 ANZ jobs to leave the country, The Age, 25th March 2009

 Bankwest sackings outrageous: Finance Sector Union, ABC Online, 31st March 2009
Includes Audio of radio interview with FSU WA Secretary Lynnaire Young.

 Union plans stop work over Bankwest job cuts – The West Australian, 1st April 2009

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Master management with an MBA 

If you are thinking about that next step in your career, an MBA will give you the skills and knowledge required for management.

Chifley Business School delivers Australia’s largest distance learning MBA and FSU members can access the MBA at $1,300 per unit (save $150 per unit). The MBA program is:

  • Relevant: Equips you with business and management skills demanded today.
  • Flexible: Delivered by distance learning—you are not constrained to classes or location.
  • Practical: Learn from working professionals who have strong industry knowledge.

Register for an information evening
Chifley will be hosting information evenings in Melbourne and Sydney. Meet with course advisors and learn how this program will benefit your professional development.

 Register for a session today

For more information about the MBA program, visit or phone 1300 CHIFLEY | 1300 244 353.

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Stock up on movie tickets in time for school holidays 

Keep the kids entertained and save money at the same time! FSU members have access to discounted movie tickets, valid at cinemas right across the country.  At $9.50 for adult tickets, and $7.50 for kids, your union membership provides you with great value for money. To book your tickets, call 1300 366 378 or click here to download a booking form.

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Caption for Comedy winners 

“Wow... Thanks very much, that’s wonderful!”

That was the reaction of Glen from Members Equity in Victoria, upon being told he was the winner of a Tight Five pack of comedy festival tickets from Comedy @ Trades.

In the next couple of weeks Glen is off to see The Boy with Tape on His Face; The Colours Interactive Comeback Show; Alex Dubus: A Bl**dy Brief History of Swearing; Lawrence Leung & Andrew McClelland – Time Ninjas; and James Dowdeswell: No More Mr Nice Guy.

Glen’s winning caption for the Mike Smith photo was:

“By 2020 no ANZ employee will be living in Australia…..”

Glen was joined on the winners’ podium by Modesty from NAB in Victoria, and Danny from CBA in New South Wales, who submitted these gems:

“Oi! What are you doing showing up for work in Melbourne? Bangalore’s that way!”

“Mike Smith extends the wrong finger to ANZ staff during announcement of offshoring.”

Modesty and Danny are now off to see opening week Comedy Festival shows.

The judges also gave special mention to Queensland member Malcolm from Suncorp for his entry:

“I can steadfastly guarantee this many jobs will not be offshored – mine.”

Two movie tickets are on their way to Malcolm.

FSU thanks all members who took the time to enter the competition, we were certainly tickled here at FSU Communications HQ, and we congratulate our winners!

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Frustrated by limited access? 

If your workplace limits access to external websites and you’re having trouble reading the full articles in our fortnightly e-news, please send us your personal email address so you can get all the news without limitation. Drop us a line at with your name, member number and personal email address, so you don’t miss out.

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