Issue No.9 of 2009
Thursday 30 April

New National Consumer Credit Regime picks up FSU Charter of Responsible Lending

The Federal Government has released its new Consumer Credit Bill for consultation this week with many of the key elements of the bill reflecting the FSU’s Charter of Responsible Lending.

In fact, the key features of the proposed legislation mirror the call by FSU members for a focus on customer needs, their ability to repay and a focus on increasing the professionalism of the credit industry.

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Suncorp: Is this the Agreement you really want? 

On 1 July 2009 there will be big changes to your rights at work. 1 July 2009 is the date that the new Industrial Relations legislation becomes law, new Fair Work laws designed to protect workers.

But before then Suncorp will try to lock in another 3 years of WorkChoices style agreements that won’t have any of the protections offered by the new laws. If Suncorp gets their way you will miss out on many of the protections available to you under the new laws that could provide better job security during the Global Financial Crisis and pay increases that protect your living standards.

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St. George: Keep an eye on InjuryNET 

St George has recently introduced a new system where employees injured on the job are offered a referral to a network of medical practitioners called InjuryNET.

The FSU met with St George to discuss concerns about InjuryNet, particularly in light of problems with InjuryNet experienced by Australia Post employees.

St George say that the system will be handled differently to Australia Post and while this may be the case, the FSU believes members should be aware of some InjuryNET facts.

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Will profits underpin jobs? 

The banking round of half yearly profit results is underway with the big four banks looking to post a combined $8 billion in profit for the 6 months against a backdrop of a global financial meltdown. It’s an outstanding result that can be marked down to good regulation, good policy such as four pillars and the solid contribution of a dedicated workforce.

So where’s the assurance about jobs?

 Link to ANZ media release

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Reminder: Last chance to vote in Westpac super election 

The ballot to elect Trustee Directors to the Westpac Staff Superannuation Fund Board closes this Friday 1 May at 5pm. If you haven’t voted already the FSU urges you to make your vote count and vote for FSU endorsed candidates Bruce Innes and Paul Lostia.

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Zurich EBA survey - Have your say on conditions of employment 

The Zurich Collective Agreement expires on November 21.  Have your say on your conditions of employment at Zurich by completing FSU’s confidential survey by 8th May.

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ANZ Audit: Thanks for taking part 

The results are in! FSU has audited 493 ANZ branches, and the report is now complete. In the coming weeks the FSU will provide details of national and state/territory results to members and the bank, and continue to work on addressing points of concern.  Some key facts from the audit:

  • 493 branches audited
  • 228 branches audited were understaffed
  • 343 vacant positions were identified
  • 62% of branches reported an increase in workloads in the last six months.

One has to wonder about the wisdom of cutting more jobs when staffing is already down and workloads are on the way up!

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Mother’s Day Classic - Sunday 10th May 

The Mother’s Day Classic is a nationwide community event, bringing together those who have lost someone to breast cancer and those who want to get fit and donate to a worthy cause.

For the past two years dedicated Your Rights At Work (YRAW) teams have shown their support for the campaign by participating. This year you can walk or run the Mother’s Day Classic with family, friends and fellow YRAW supporters to help raise money for breast cancer research.

The Mother’s Day Classic is organised by Women in Super - a national network of women in the superannuation and finance industries - and proudly sponsored by Members Equity Bank. Since 1998, the Mother’s Day Classic has raised $4.4 million for the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s research programs.

Get involved and join the YRAW team in the Mother’s Day Classic closest to you.

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Frustrated by limited access?  

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