Issue No.5 of 2009
Thursday 5 March

Global talks aimed at securing finance jobs

As part of the Invest in Australia campaign, your union took your issues to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) meeting on the impact of the finance crisis on finance workers.

You can read more about the FSU’s plan to secure Australian finance sector jobs here:

The imperative for the FSU was to explain to the ILO the human cost of the global financial crisis and the final outcome took into account the concerns and ideas of FSU members.

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“Everyone is better off in a union.”  

New FSU recruitment video

If you’re receiving this e-news, you are probably an FSU member who already knows the benefits of being a union member. But how often have you wondered how you can convey the benefits to your colleagues? The FSU has produced a video of members talking about why they joined the union, and what they have been able to achieve by working with their union to fix issues in the workplace.

 You can watch the 3 minute video on the FSU website here
 You can watch the 3 minute video on YouTube here

Don’t forget to share it with your workmates!

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All hands on deck as insurers face unprecedented demand 

At the most recent meeting of the National Insurance Member Council, FSU members from each state reported on the high level of activity in our insurance workplaces. Staff are working flat out to deal with the effects of the unprecedented Victorian bushfire disaster which followed widespread flooding in Queensland.

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FSU secures increases to ANZ allowances 

FSU recently applied to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission to have ANZ Group Award allowances increased. Our application was successful and the new rates were adopted by ANZ on 12 February 2009. 

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Hot off the press – FSU and Fiserv in the Commission 

The FSU applied on behalf of 17 members at Fiserv for a hearing in the AIRC concerning alleged excessive sick leave. The matter was in conference before Vice President Lawler this morning. From that conference the FSU and Fiserv will jointly review all 17 cases over the next month. A number of members attended the conference to support each other, and hear the submissions firsthand. Should the FSU and Fiserv not be able to reach agreement, the matter can be referred back to the AIRC.

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It's time to deliver Paid Maternity Leave! – FSU members appear in ACTU digital petition 

Working women, families and unions are sending a message to the Government that we want to see a new national Paid Maternity Leave scheme in the 2009 Federal Budget.

FSU members appear in the digital petition. Check it out: you may see someone you know!

 View the digital petition, find out more, and take action online

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Media round up 

The FSU is your voice in the workplace, at the bargaining table, in Canberra, and in the national media. Here’s a small selection of media coverage of your issues over the last few weeks.

 Safety in numbers – Business Spectator, March 3rd, 2009.
“One of the reasons we have security barriers for tellers in banks today is a result of a case pursued by the Finance Sector Union."

 Job cuts loom as Bank of Queensland streamlines – Courier Mail, February 27th 2009

 Westpac top of the class, survey finds – Herald Sun, February 20th 2009
"Banks are being uneven. They take taxpayer support with nothing in return." 

 Stevens slams banks over ATM fees – Business Day, WA Today, February 20th 2009
"If the Australian Bankers' Association is suggesting that increasing ATM fees ensures protection of Australian finance jobs, then let's have a commitment from the banks on ending off-shoring, and maintaining employment levels.''

 Union seeks jobs pledge from PM – The Age, February 18th, 2009
"They can't rely on taxpayer support, continue to make profits in the billions, and resist rules that would keep more money in the pockets of Australians and more jobs in Australia." 

 NAB, union discuss Satyam IT work – ZDNet Australia, February 12th 2009
“This, unfortunately, is what happens when you offshore jobs.”

FSU National Secretary Leon Carter recently appeared on the Channel 7 program Today Tonight.

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FSU Member Services – It pays to be a member! 

The FSU offers an array of member services that provide substantial discounts on everyday goods and services for FSU members. If you’re not sure what services are available to you, click below for our simple guide. If you know about our services and want to let your workmates know, print the one page guide and display it in your workplace. 

 Click here to download the guide

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Frustrated by limited access? 

If your workplace limits access to external websites and you’re having trouble reading the full articles in our fortnightly e-news, please send us your personal email address so you can get all the news without limitation. Drop us a line at with your name, member number and personal email address, so you don’t miss out.

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