Issue No.22 of 2009
Thursday 22 October

Union Climate Connectors: Make a difference

Between now and December we all have an opportunity to make a difference, and save the world.

The scientists tell us that if we achieve a global agreement on climate change in Copenhagen in December, a successor to the Kyoto protocol, we may be able to save the Barrier Reef, stop 100 million people from being displaced and minimise the increased number and intensity of cyclones, bushfires, floods and droughts.

The implications for the finance sector are enormous. FSU members in the insurance industry are witnessing first hand the devastating effect of climate change as they assist policy holders to recover losses and rebuild lives.

For the banking and superannuation industries, the pressure is on to direct investments to sustainable, clean energy projects that are good for business, and good for the planet.

Unions have a proud history of campaigning on environmental issues. But rarely have the stakes been as high as they are now.

The Climate Connectors campaign has been developed by Australian Unions and the Australian Conservation Foundation to give workers an opportunity to get involved and make a lasting difference to the planet.

As a Climate Connector you will be able to make change in your home, your workplace and your community.

Through connecting together as workers we can build a low emissions future and protect ourselves, and generations to come from the terrible consequences of dangerous climate change.

Australian unions are committed to being part of the solution to the climate crisis, and to building a clean economy that will provide prosperity to future generations. I encourage you to get involved and become a Climate Connector.

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Bendable Learnings book giveaway winner 

A big thank you to all members who entered our recent competition. After wading our way through the linguistic delights that were sent in, FSU is pleased to announce the winner of our book giveaway, Joshua Young of NSW! A copy of Don Watson's new book Bendable Learnings is on its way to Joshua for providing an excellent example of management speak.

The power of "AND"
Instead of offering a customer one facility that services their needs offer them the facility they are asking for "AND" offer another one….such as offer them an overdraft "AND" a credit card or a Business loan "AND" a home loan.

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Authorised by FSU National Secretary Leon Carter