Issue No.13 of 2011
Thursday 19 May

Don’t miss your chance to win an iPad2 – Complete the FSU survey today

The FSU member online survey is your chance to tell us what matters to you at work, what issues your union needs to focus on and what campaigns union members want to pursue.

The results of the survey will be presented to the FSU National Conference which meets in late June to determine the union's policies and strategic direction for the coming years - so your input is vital.

If that's not incentive enough, by completing the survey, you will automatically enter the draw to win an iPad2! Two other lucky survey participants will receive double, Gold Class, passes to Village Cinemas.

  Click here to complete the survey online.

We are aware that some finance sector employers have blocked access to the FSU website for some employees. The FSU is taking this matter up with these employers in order to ensure all members have access to their union website. In the meantime, please consider forwarding this email to your private email address and completing the survey from home.

This survey is closing soon so don’t miss out on your chance to have a say about the union’s priorities for the future, as well as a chance to win a great prize.

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FSU & CBA resume EBA talks next week –
sign the pledge for 5%

Thousands of employees have pledged their support for Real-Time pay at CBA – have you?

The more support for an annual pay increase of 5% FSU negotiators can demonstrate to the bank, the greater the chance of a successful outcome. Don’t delay – pledge your support today. 

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Better Banking blog – Senate report calls for broader banking inquiry 

A six month long Senate inquiry into competition within the Australian banking sector has concluded with the release of the Committee’s final report and recommendations, including minority reports from the Government and Independent South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon.

The views of Australian finance workers were provided to the Inquiry via written submission and in person by FSU National Secretary Leon Carter who was called to provide evidence to the Inquiry.

The report contains 38 recommendations, 14 of which are already being progressed by the Federal Government.

Most media articles on the Committee’s final report have concentrated on a recommendation that the Government reverse the exit fee ban that enables customers to move their mortgage from one lender to another without being penalised by exorbitant exit fees. The Government has already signaled that they do not intend to reverse the ban, arguing that the ban is imperative to improve competition in banking.

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IAG employee Wendy Conlan blogs on the forthcoming EBA –

Will part time staff have reduced overtime payments?

Members across IAG- at CGU, IMA, NRMA, RACV, SGIO, SGIC, and Swann Insurance have been making their voice heard on the issue of mutual agreement for variation to pattern of hours by wearing stickers, putting up posters in workplaces, and emailing their IAG ambassadors to let them know how important mutual agreement is. This activity made a real difference at the bargaining table and IAG have taken on board the feedback of employees. As a result we’ve made significant improvements in negotiating this clause.

Of course, this is not the only issue up for negotiation. For example, there is currently a proposal to reduce overtime entitlements for part time employees who work overtime before 7am or after 7pm in addition to their normal pattern of hours. I encourage everyone reading this to send a message to your IAG ambassador letting them know you don’t want to lose current overtime entitlements.

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The cheapest movie tickets in town -
$8 for FSU members 

FSU is pleased to offer members $8 adult tickets for any cinema session held on Monday to Thursday (except public and school holidays) at Village/Greater Union/Birch Carroll Coyle cinemas.  The tickets are valid until 31 December 2011 but are only available for purchase in May so get your skates on and order yours today!

Can’t make it to the cinema during the week? Don’t worry, you can still purchase Village and Hoyts tickets for other days at our usual low prices.  Call 1300 366 378 to book your tickets, or download an order form here.

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Authorised by FSU National Secretary Leon Carter