Issue No.23 of 2009
Friday 6 November

Enough is enough -
Go Home on Time Day – 25th November

Gifting employers with free labour in the form of unpaid overtime is rife across the finance sector and white collar jobs in Australia. It is a bonus provided to employers and it is keeping others out of work. On the 25th of November, Australian workers are being asked to go home on time and enjoy time away from work.

We all know what it’s like. Knowing that if you don’t get the work done now it will never get done. Working extra time to meet targets or cover absences. Staying back to attend meetings. Calling home to let them you know you’ll be late again.

A recent study by the Australia Institute has revealed that each year Australians work more than 2 billion hours of unpaid overtime.

Around half of all employees work more hours than they are paid for. On average, a typical employee works 49 minutes of unpaid overtime per day. For full-time workers, the average daily amount of unpaid work takes more than one hour.

Recent surveys and audits of finance sector workplaces show that 59% of finance workers consistently work overtime. 54% of employees say that overtime worked is unpaid and generally goes unrecognised.

73% of finance workers say that there is not enough staff in their workplace to allow them to complete all their work during normal working hours and a whopping 87% say that they are not always provided with relief to cover absences.

Together with the Australia Institute, FSU is supporting a national Go Home on Time Day on Wednesday 25th November, and FSU members are invited to take part.

No we don’t think that going home on time for one day will fix the problem, but the day will be organised as a fun way for members to highlight the issues of understaffing, increased workloads and unpaid work.

Of course, the best ways to tackle these issues is by employers and workers genuinely engaging in discussions, negotiations and agreements that recognise and respect the contribution of workers, and the need for a healthy balance of work and life outside of work.

So take back what’s yours on the 25th November and remind yourself what it’s like to do something other than work on your own time. Register you participation on the day by visiting .

Tell us what you’ll do on the day on our forum.  And go home on time, switch off the phone and enjoy the other parts of your life.

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Authorised by FSU National Secretary Leon Carter