Issue No.10 of 2009
Thursday 7 May

FSU members gain big win to end off-shoring and invest in Australian jobs

CBA and Westpac stop off-shoring jobs

The long running campaign by FSU members to stop off-shoring and invest in Australian finance jobs has struck a major blow. Westpac CEO Gail Kelly yesterday told The Australian newspaper that Westpac will cease off-shoring immediately.

This is a direct result of the pressure applied by members who have attended meetings, signed petitions, given evidence to the Senate inquiry into bank mergers and offshoring, attended AGMs and EGMs and the discussion occurring in all finance workplaces now around FSU’s Invest in Australia policy.

FSU welcomes the move and will be seeking concrete commitments from Westpac to provide certainty for members and their families, and we’ll continue to seek a permanent end to off-shoring across the whole industry.

Last month, CBA gave a commitment they would not offshore Australian finance jobs, and yesterday’s commitment from Westpac has split the industry leaving those who are continuing the practice open to consumer and community backlash.

We must celebrate this significant achievement, which is an enormous first step towards building a better finance industry; an industry that prioritises job security and investment in Australian jobs. It is a signal that we can achieve great outcomes when we work together to improve conditions for everyone.

Clearly, while off-shoring continues in ANZ, NAB, Suncorp, AXA and elsewhere, the fight is not over, and there is more work to be done. FSU members are continuing to campaign for the adoption of the union’s Invest in Australia plan across the whole industry.

The Invest in Australia plan consists of 5 key points:

1.    No more offshoring
2.    No reduction in staff without a reduction in workloads
3.    No forced retrenchments
4.    A new skills fund
5.    Better severance payments 

 To learn more about Invest in Australia, visit the FSU website

Talk to co-workers about the need to secure Australian finance jobs. Tell them about your union’s achievements, and ask them to join today.

And, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Through your support of your union, you’ve forced a major turnaround from two of our biggest corporations. Well done!

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