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When should I tell my boss I am pregnant?

Deciding when to tell people you are pregnant is a personal decision. 
Many women like to wait until after the end of the first trimester before they share the news, while others tell earlier – especially if they are suffering from morning sickness.  The only legal requirement is that you need to give at least 10 weeks notice that you are planning to take parental leave.
While you don’t need to disclose your pregnancy, there are some advantages to telling your manager early, for example:
  • It makes it easier to arrange time off for antenatal appointments;
  • You may need some adjustments to the way you go about your job (e.g. if you normally stand all day, you may need access to a stool, or you may find you need more frequent toilet breaks)
  • If it is unsafe for you or your baby to do your usual job whilst you are pregnant, your manager will need to properly assess the risks and make any necessary changes.
The above is general information only. For specific advice about your individual situation, contact FSU on 1300 366 378.
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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary

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