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Are you passionate about social justice? Do you believe in respect and dignity for everyone? Do you want to fight against the 1%’s greed and control of Main Street?


We are seeking 3 energetic and passionate individuals interested in starting social justice careers in union organising.

The Finance Sector Union is a union of workers employed in banks, insurance and credit unions all across Australia. With often unreasonable sales targets, constant threats of offshoring and the top executives taking the majority of profits, thousands of finance sector workers are under constant pressure.
To combat this trend, we are creating a special projects organising team that will take on the most powerful finance sector employers in Australia. We are looking for 3 organisers who will be responsible for building power from the bottom up through grassroots organising rank and file members. Through conversations, work planning, strategising and taking action, you will build your skills in union organising, by shifting power from the top into the hands of everyday people.
Values criteria
  • An extreme passion for social justice and fighting the machine
  • An understanding that your work will always be focused and centred around building power for workers
  • Independent, resilient, and takes initiative go-getter who is always a team player
  • Energy and enthusiasm that you can lead with and follow
  • Someone with leadership qualities who can instil leadership in others and hand over the reigns
  • Eagerness to work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds
Selection criteria
  • Demonstrated commitment to social and economic justice
  • Experience working or organising in other progressive organisations or social justice causes
  • Ability to inspire people to take action through conversations
  • Ability to identify and develop leaders
  • Strong planning, time-management and strategic-thinking skills
  • Ability and willingness to do whatever it takes to fight and win (some long hours, evening work and weekend work may be required)
  • Driver’s licence preferred
We are an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of colour, Indigenous and LGBTQ folks are strongly encouraged to apply.
A salary shall be set at Tier 1 of the FSU Organiser pay scale, currently $64,628 per annum with 1 RDO per month and other excellent benefits including 15% super contributions and flexible working arrangements. These special projects organising positions are for one year with the possibility to extend and are based out of our Sydney office.
Applications close by COB 24 March 2017. Please send a cover letter and your CV to Rebecca Reilly at Rebecca.Reilly@fsunion.org.au. Interviews will commence the week of 27 March.
For more information please contact Kito Alvarez on 02 9320 0088 or Kito.Alvarez@fsunion.org.au.
Contact Details
Kito Alvarez
Ph: 02 9320 0088

Authorised By: Rebecca Reilly, NSW/ACT Local Executive Secretary

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