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What?s been achieved so far?

- Last year ANZ agreed to not send any ?customer facing? roles offshore, including contact centre roles
- Proper discussion regarding the changes has taken place with regular meetings between FSU Organisers, Reps from affected areas and ANZ management
- Options regarding redeployment have improved including:
- Earlier notice, clearer advice and more and better support
- Better retraining and redeployment arrangements
- Higher retrenchment payments for TEC staff, and;
- Greater clarity regarding the transition timetable and options available to staff.

Thanks for taking a stand but there?s more to be done

- These achievements are a result of FSU members across ANZ getting organised.
- Now your support is needed to press ANZ to reduce its aggressive off-shoring.
- ANZ haven?t committed to:
-save jobs at Collections or Card Services (unlike Westpac), or
- not off-shoring (unlike CBA), or
- simply consult before making final decisions about future off-shoring.
- The next step in the campaign will take place at the bank?s AGM on 15 December 2006 when the FSU?s statement against off-shoring will be considered. More details at www.fsunion.org.au, and at www.anz.com (go to shareholders, AGM, notice of meeting).

STOP PRESS ? 485 Westpac Jobs Saved 485 Westpac process jobs in Sydney have been under review for off-shoring since August this year. In a great victory for these members, on the 17th November Westpac announced that none of these ?back-office? jobs will be off-shored.

After months of member activity including union meetings, delegations to management, lobbying politicians and condemnation in the media, Westpac has said that following their review, the business case does not stack up. The Sydney Morning Herald (November 18-19) reported that: ?Costs were the main reason for Westpac?s decision to abandon the offshore proposal ? but the bank hinted the impact of a union campaign and staff?s reaction had also played a part.?

This outcome is proof that union members acting together can save jobs.

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