13,000 No Votes vindicated – join an FSU briefing

Yesterday afternoon NAB CEO Ross McEwan vindicated 13k colleagues for voting No throughout the EA Ballot.

During the ballot, Senior Executives including Ross indicated that the only way to secure improvements was to vote “Yes”, accepting a pay-cut while trading-off long standing conditions and forgoing the opportunity to continue bargaining for real reform.

As we expected this was not true. This was never an all or nothing proposal. And the pressure tactics of the Executive Team have been left exposed for all to see.

By working collectively, we stopped changes to the coverage of the EA, defeated one of the worst proposals in decades, held the Executive team accountable, and are ready to secure an EA with genuine improvements to our conditions.

Listening Roadshow – Should not delay bargaining  

Ross’s announcement that Senior Leaders will begin listening to colleague concerns is long overdue and was in-part the reason bargaining didn’t progress earlier.

However, if Ross was serious about hearing the concerns of colleagues, he should agree to attend the next round of negotiations and hear your feedback directly from your Union bargaining team. This listening roadshow should not delay the recommencement of bargaining.

January’s pay adjustments will provide well-earned and timely cost of living relief in the short-term but will still amount to an effective pay cut in the long run.

Bargaining is required to ensure we secure an uplift to match inflation for 2023, fix the pay system for Group 3 and above, secure pay increases for 2024, and address other critical issues members have raised such as the hours of work crisis.

Breach of Good Faith Bargaining  

NAB has breached their good faith bargaining obligations with the FSU throughout this period.

We have requested a response by 12pm today on how they intend to remedy this including writing to all colleagues. Should NAB fail to respond or if the response is inadequate, we will be proceeding to the Fair Work Commission.

Union Briefing – Wednesday 7th December

Join one of our FSU briefings to discuss the No vote outcome, NAB’s reaction, our next steps in bargaining and its timeline. Register for your preferred time below:

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