Action Plan 2023 – 2027

2023 FSU Congress Resolution

The Finance Sector Union (FSU) National Congress commits to working to ensure that the Australian Finance Sector continues to provide good quality jobs for Australian workers. We have identified that the following issues are important for finance workers today and we commit to working alongside every finance worker to improve the finance sector and our communities.

Leadership and solidarity

FSU delegates will work together to ensure that the finance sector leads the way in providing working conditions that recognise, encourage, and value every worker.

FSU Congress delegates acknowledge that the work of unionists is continuously changing and that the challenges faced by the workers in 2023 will be different to those faced by workers in 2027 when this congress next meets.

We will encourage finance workers from across our Communities and Emerging Groups, and Committees to take a leadership role that delivers real improvement to the lives of finance workers.

First Nations workers

We will actively support First Nations workers and grow the number of First Nations workers active in our union.

We commit to fighting for the full implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Human rights

We will fight for the development of human rights including for climate justice and will not accept empty words that do not deliver meaningful outcomes.

Digital future

We understand that technology advancements are accelerating and we need to ensure that workers have control and a strong voice in how our personal information is collected and used by employers. We will ensure that artificial intelligence complements our work rather than replacing it.

We will drive meaningful connection with the next generation of finance workers through technology and solidarity.

Gender equity

We understand that the fight for gender equity is never finished and recognise the important roles that workers of all gender identities play at home as well as at work. To support this, we will ensure equitable access to flexibility and just remuneration.

Healthy and safe workplaces

Finance workers are working longer hours and employers unreasonably expect us to do more with less. We are currently working thousands of hours of unpaid overtime each month.

We will continue the fight to ensure that our employers meet their obligations to provide us with safe, and healthy workplaces free from harassment and that psychosocial health is taken just as seriously as physical safety.

Political lobbying

We will continue to work with State and Federal Governments to lobby for laws that support the goal of making the Australian finance sector and workplaces better, safer and more equitable places. We will ensure that the voices of workers are given the same weight as those of our employers on issues that affect our lives.

Organising for power

These are the issues that have resonated with 2023 FSU Congress delegates and that we commit to taking action to seek improvements. We recognise that these commitments are not exclusive and that the only guarantees we have in our industry is that things will continue to change rapidly.

We commit to being open to directing our energy and resources to address not only existing issues, but those that will emerge between now and our next Congress in 2027.

The workers united will never be defeated.

Moved: Matt Rowe

Seconded: Lisa Neatherway