3% Pay Increase for CBA EA staff in 2018

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

CBA has advised the FSU that for those employees whose pay is covered by the enterprise agreement they will receive a pay increase of 3% if minimum behaviours and compliance are met.

Disappointingly CBA has not provided the same guarantee for the rest of the employees across the CBA Group.

With the Royal Commission providing ongoing scrutiny around the relationship between pay structures and how they impact the behaviours within our industry the FSU continues to call on CBA to ensure all staff are subject to the same criteria of meeting minimum behaviours and compliance to ensure their annual pay increase.

What can you do to push for change within CBA on this important issue?

It’s now 18 months after CBA committed to implementing the recommendations from the ABA’s Sedgwick Review: ensuring pay outcomes are not linked to targets, not just using NPS scores as a measure of customer outcomes, and ensuring that behaviours do not become code for “selling” financial products.

How do you think CBA is tracking on these important measures?

For more information on the recommendations You can read all of the key recommendations here.

Your feedback will assist in the continuing campaign to restoring trust and confidence in our sector by ensuring the way you work.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary